Our Crew


Can you think of anything better than making a job out of your hobby?

Each of our pilots is an enthusiastic and passionate professional and we love to show this passion to our passengers.

For us, every day is a day to have fun. Yet, in this sport, safety is the first priority. We take the utmost care in every part of the preparation and execution of paragliding, correctly and professionally.



(Tandem Pilot and director of MonalParagliding)

Watching the paragliders in Sarankot since I was a young kid, I was taken to fly for the first time when I was 11. Only two years more and I made my first solo flight at the age of 13.

I was so hooked that it started to get difficult to focus on school and think on anything else after that time. My passion was being in the sky, and after finishing college I returned to paragliding in the Himalayas.

I tell you, for me nothing is better than seen a passenger's smile after flying for the first time. I know I will not be remembered by the passengers but I know that our passengers never forget the experience.



(Tandem Pilot)

Hi, I am Ayse from Turkey. I started paragliding at my University's Aviation Club in 2012 and since then I am always looking for different countries to go and new people to fly with. I love to push my limits and taking part on international competitions. My forte? Long distance flights, my record to date is 141.3 Km in a single 6 Hours flight. Would you like to try?



(Office Manager)

Graduated in management and seeing the paragliding activity in Pokhara I decided to know more about this sport. So, decided and joined a company. I like very much to organize the connection between pilot and passenger. Me too, of course I love to fly and experience this great feeling of being in the sky. To share this silent world of birds...


Since 1981, growing together with Pokhara


Tandem flights

Our specialty is our passengers satisfaction. First time flyer?, we take you to a most pleasant trip over Pokhara Valley lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

Looking for a thrill maybe? Let'us know, we can take you to an acrobatic experience in the air or take you further deep inside the mountains for an up to 60 minutes journey.

Register you moment

High Definition captures of video and pictures of your flight. We are not only pilots, and we also know that the most special moments deserve to be registered with professional quality.

In and Out Transportation

From your Hotel and back to your Hotel. At the end that is our job, to transport you on land and in the air.